Teaching at Tilden: A Calling

imageIn 2004, I began working at Tilden High School. The previous year, at another school, I had a less than favorable outcome. Upon receiving a letter stating that I was transferred to Samuel J. Tilden High School, I did not know whether to be either jubilant or anxious. The Bible, however, told me to be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication to make my requests known to Him, and the peace of God which passes all understanding, will guard my mind in Christ Jesus (Phillipians 4:6).  I knew nothing about the high school, but I knew I should not worry. The next day, I had to go meet a friend near Bank Street College near Riverside Drive. While waiting for her, I sat down on a park bench, and began to reflect on the prior school year. I knew that I wanted this new year to be better than the last one. I began praying and asking God whether Tilden was the place where He was sending me. Although I did not have a choice to deny the assignment, I wanted to know whether the new assignment was the perfect will of God. I asked God to show me a “sign” to let me know. I really did not want to have another unpleasant year with administration, and I wanted God to show me favor by placing me appropriately. After praying, I got up from the bench and moved to one adjacent to it. Upon sitting down, I looked up to see a statue in front of me. I got up to see and read the inscription on the statue. The statue was of Samuel J. Tilden. On the statue was written biographical information. Not only was I relieved, but I was overwhelmed with gratitude that the Lord had heard and answered my prayer. I knew that even if the year did not go well, that I was in the perfect will of God. That year and every subsequent year, I have been able to teach and nurture many great children.  I thank God that I have been able to accomplish great things while on the Tilden Campus. At times I have wanted to leave, but Because I submitted to God’s will, I have stayed. Although I am still on the Tilden Campus, I am at a new small school  because of the closure of Samuel J. Tilden High School. I now teach at Cultural Academy for the Arts & Sciences.

The Bible says that the steps of a righteous man or woman are ordered by the Lord. (Psalm 37:23). Righteous does not mean sinless, but that the righteousness we have comes from God. If we place our trust in him and pray, we know that He hears us and will grant our petitions in accordance with His Will (1 John 5:9). We must trust in God with all of our hearts and lean not to our own understanding, but in all of our ways acknowledge Him and He will direct our paths (Proverbs 3: 5-6).image

From the beginning of my tenure there until now, I have not stopped praying for the academic, spiritual, and emotional development and the safety of everyone. I pray that the students we receive are the ones that God wants us to teach and reach. Moreover, I pray for the staff so that we can fulfill our professional commitment to our students. Although at times it feels as if our efforts are futile, I know that Jesus hears and answers prayer. Difficulties come. Situations develop, but the Bible says that in the day of trouble, He will deliver me. Regardless of how it looks, I know that God is in the midst and is working everything out for my good.

Open your heart to God. Ask Jesus into your heart and He will continue the work in you that He started (Phillipians 1:6).  He will direct your path. Do not copy the behavior of the world, but let God transform you into a new person by changing the way you think, then you will know God’s will which is good, pleasing, and perfect (Romans 12:2).

For further reflection: Study Romans 12 and Proverbs 3.