Jesus is Passing Over

The storms of our lives are passing by

Will Jesus hear our soulful cries

Does he see the stained teardrop face

As our life’s trials leave empty space


Jesus wants us to know he’s there

He says that he’s not unaware

But he wants us to look to him

And let it not be a passing whim


Take everything to him in prayer

knowing we are his blesséd heir

For he will see our heartfelt tears

As he allays all of our fears  



4 thoughts on “Jesus is Passing Over

  1. This poem is timely. It is an excellent reminder that God is not sleeping, nor slumbering. Recent hurricanes have destroyed properties and have left thousands of people homeless. In some of the Virgin Islands men armed with machetes and guns are breaking into homes and looting. The residence are with out basic supplies, such as food and water. There is no electricity. Hospitals and schools have been destroyed.
    Before the foundations of the earth God knew these things would happen. He has allowed them to take place.
    “We see through a glass dimly”, however our Sovereign Lord knows all. We have to keep our eyes on him. We have to remember his character.
    In all the tragedies and devastation we have heard about and witnessed, we have to believe that God will bring glory to His name.

  2. Good Morning Diedre thank you for the timely encouragingg message.I was just witnessing to a disstressed coworker .single mom.says she passes BT all the time … Pray your day is peace of God Sis JOAN

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