God’s Friendship: The Air We Breathe


Jesus is “the Lily of the valley.” The lily of the valley is one of my favorite flowers because its scent perfumes a home, not just a room. He is the true vine. Apart from him, we can do nothing.

Rainbows beam through the prism of light’s glow

Seeds grow through the air that they daily breathe

Flowers bloom through pruning – its ebb and flow

Friendship glistens through trust that never leaves


Nothing breathes without God’s nurture that warms

To smooth over life’s deep valleys and eyes’ tears

The rain brings the rainbow spectrum of life’s storms

We drink God’s living water through trying years


Let His friendship sprout spring lilies from his light

Let Him rebuke winds and waves that obey him

As we trust his friendship to help our plights

We drink his living water filled to life’s brim


His friendship is everything for life to grow

Let’s plant Jesus our holy seed to sow


Deirdre M. DeLoatch



I was inspired to write this poem after an outing to the New York Botanical Garden  with some friends. My friends strengthened and encouraged me as iron sharpens iron. I pray that this poem encourages you to reach out to Jesus, your greatest friend, and to your earthly friends whom have proven themselves worthy. Let’s remember to be fishers of men!


L to R: Karen, Lunette, Becky, Marilyn, Deirdre, Avionne (our photographer is Sheila)

For further reflection read: Matthew 7:15-20; Matthew 8:23-27; Genesis 9-17.


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