God’s Love

God is the potter we are the molded clay

He is the freshness like the morning dew

That greets at the start of every blue day

Helping us to see our lives so anewimage


His love sustains us now and forever

Often when our friends are not to be found

His compassion will never be severed

Lifting us up when our spirits are down


Jesus’ love sticks closer than a brother

He shows great grace and mercy at all times

The greatest father and our souls’ lover

We will never need another paradigm


Drink in his rivers of abundant loveimage

And taste the sweetness of the greatest dove




For reflection read: Jeremiah 18:3-4; 1 John 4


2 thoughts on “God’s Love

  1. Deirdre,

    I just finished reading God’s Love. I’m at a lost for words! But, you are getting to know me, so you know I’m still going to find something to say. Lol I love it and everything you said is supported by God’s word. Keep those poems coming!!!!!


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