The Melody of Life’s Sorrows: A Poem


The Melody of Life’s Sorrows


Struggles drying up the vibrancy of life

Tornadoes blowing maelstroms of chaos and strife

Heartaches inching closer to life’s destruction

Sorrows blinding wind whipping life like a suction


Yet, sensing Jesus’ comforting warm embrace

Lifting my downcast spirit as I run life’s race

Like a cascading waterfall’s melodious sounds

Speaking to me through life’s painful difficult rounds


Jesus hides me in the shadow of his wings

With sweetness like a symphony he softly sings

In his secret place he holds and comforts me

Teaching me to trust in him and see life’s glee


Loving me with an everlasting grace filled love

Showing me peace’s gentle consuming dove

Urging me to abide daily in his holy vine

Gently adoringly asking me, “Won’t you be mine?”


Yes, knowing victory is Him despite my plights

Lifting me from despair to heaven’s greatest heights

Worshiping the beauty of his everlasting reign

Letting me know waiting for Him was not in vain.

Deirdre M. DeLoatch

For further reflection and encouragement read Psalms 150 and 121. Be encouraged God is working.


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